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The largest sapphire in the world - Sapphire Blue Giant of Orient


Сапфир Голубой Гигант ВостокаBlue Giant of Orient gem of exceptional quality. He was found in 1907, and even then it was clear that this gem will not go unnoticed. After the cut blue sapphire has become the largest faceted blue sapphire in the world (or a blue sapphire). Since then, it took more than a hundred years, but the gem has not lost its superiority in size.

Why is it called the Blue Giant of Orient? It all just happens to have found this gem in the East, Ceylon, Sri Lanka.

Sapphire Blue Giant of Orient: Feature.

Sapphire Blue Giant of Orient cushion cut, intense mid- blue. This precious stone is intact nature, and it is worth noting that the color is typical for most blue sapphires that come from Sri Lanka. The blue sapphires from Sri Lanka, around the world called Ceylon sapphires. It Ceylon sapphires are considered precious stones of the highest quality.

Big Blue sapphire weighing 466 carats of the East, because of that he became the largest blue sapphire in the world. Can you imagine how high the price.

If we talk about blue sapphires as a whole, these gems that other, as corundum, a crystalline form of aluminum oxide, where the blue color is present because of the atoms of titanium and iron, which displace the aluminum atoms in the crystal lattice of certain places. That blue sapphires are considered precious stones, sapphires of other colors in gems do not.

The hardness of corundum nine units on the Mohs scale. This is one less than that of the solid gemstone - diamond. It is therefore ideally suited for sapphire cut jewelry, and can also be transmitted from one generation to another.

Since Sapphire Blue Giant of Orient come from Sri Lanka, he has strong orange- red fluorescence under ultraviolet light with a longer wavelength.

Sri Lanka - the birthplace of blue sapphires.

Шри-Ланка Сапфир Голубой Гигант ВостокаOn our entire planet is not a single place that gave the world a more beautiful and of high quality blue sapphires as Sri Lanka. Over the years, this is where the precious stones, which are then decorated with museum collections and exhibitions around the world. Blue sapphires in Sri Lanka gave monarchs families and sold off at auction at fantastic prices. The world's first largest blue sapphires have been found just in Sri Lanka. All three of the world's largest blue sapphires come from Sri Lanka, this is Big Blue Sapphire East, occupying the first place with a weight of 466 carat blue sapphire Logan, which weighs 422.99 carats and Blue Sapphire Beauty East, weighing in at 400 carats.

Sapphire Blue Giant of Orient: The origin of the precious stone.

Perhaps this is one of the most interesting parts of our stories about the world's largest blue sapphire. Like most mineral corundum, sapphire blue is the deep underground for at least five hundred years, and perhaps and more. Sapphire was born in the magma, where the temperature and pressure are high. In 2007, the year in Madagascar, Antananarivo University, presented the results of studies showing that rubies and sapphires are formed under very high pressure and at a temperature of about 1100 degrees Celsius. The depth to the surface of the earth is at least 60 kilometers, and is the boundary of the upper mantle, lower than the lithosphere. Aluminium oxide is formed in the upper mantle of the Earth, where also created basaltic magma. Basaltic magma eruptions brought to the surface, where it forms volcanic rocks. Some volcanic rocks are converted into metamorphic rock or alkaline basalts. Then the alkaline basalts and metamorphic rocks were prolonged erosion over millions and perhaps billions of years and. All this led to the formation of corundum crystals are freed from the rocks and crept down the mountains. Deposited in the form of alluvial placers in the foothills of the mountains. Or were picked up by rivers and streams, and is now mined by prospectors.

But where is the field of blue sapphire Giant East? His field is located at the foot of the mountain range Adam's Peak, which is part of the highlands in the south central part of Sri Lanka. River, where they found the Giant Blue Sapphire East, called the Kalu Ganga, and has its origins in Adam's Peak; it passes through the outskirts of the city of Ratnapura, which is also called the city of Precious, as this place is the largest deposit of rubies and sapphires since ancient times. Most of the well-known large sapphires come from the field, including Sapphire Blue Giant of Orient.

History of the Giant Blue Sapphire East.

samiy-bolshoy-sapfirBlue Giant of Orient, or the Blue Giant of Orient, as well as all the famous gems, has its own history. For the first time information about the precious sapphire appeared in 1907 on August 23, while the leading newspaper of Sri Lanka's "Morning Leader " wrote a headline here on sapphire, " sapphire gem is worth £ 7,000." Blue Giant of Orient mined in Ratnapura district, probably in 1907, because the news in the newspaper just this year. Reduced the size of its previously rough blue sapphire weighing 600 carats, the stone is a leading digging bought Sri Lankan jewelry and precious stones. Then the company has instructed its faceted sapphire leading employees.

After the Blue Giant has left East of Sri Lanka, he was in the collection of an anonymous American collector. About the gem was unknown until 19 May 2004, it was then at Christie's in Geneva, Switzerland, it was for sale.

Showing Press organized a little earlier, on May 12 in the 2004th year. Sapphire is described as a jewel rectangular cushion cut diamond weighing 486.52 carats and valued at 1 or 1.5 million U.S. dollars.

As soon as there are two inaccuracies in the sale of sapphire of 2004 at Christie's, in comparison with a real gem Blue Giant of Orient. The first is the description of the stone as Kashmir sapphire, while the original stone Ceylon origin. But perhaps the description did so because of the high value of the saturated colors of sapphires from Kashmir. It is believed that the auction at Christie's specially called Kashmir sapphire stone to enhance its value.

The second inaccuracy is that the Blue Giant of Orient weighed 20 carats less than the precious sapphire sold at auction at Christie's. In 1907, recorded that the treated sapphire weighing 466 carats and sapphire at auction weighed 486.52 carats. This difference was explained that in 1907 made the error in the recording of weight. Allegedly, there was no accurate electronic scale, and the stone could properly weigh.

But the hype surrounding the sale of the largest sapphire in the world was not. Gemstone sold to an anonymous buyer for U.S. $ 1 million, without the noise and publicity.