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Black Star Sapphire of Queensland.


Characteristics gemstone Black Star of Queensland.

Black Star Sapphire of Queensland oval cabochon called. Star sapphire is characterized by the fact that the rays of the star is not as long as conventional star-shaped sapphires and other blue sapphires. Rays of blue sapphire is very thin and tapering to a belt. On the other side of the Black Star Sapphire of Queensland rays are much shorter and thicker, about half the length of the path from the center of the belt. The rays are not of equal length, some of the other shorter. But the center of star Black Star Sapphire of Queensland is much brighter than that of other star sapphires.

Bright six-pointed star on a black background looks amazingly beautiful. Also emphasizes the beauty of the stone inclusion white radiance of gold frames and thirty-five pear-shaped white diamonds. From the color contrast is simply breathtaking. Like all other star sapphires, star sapphire Black Star of Queensland moves depending on how the precious stone falls lighting.

Mineralogy stone - from sapphire corundum.

Black Star Sapphire of Queensland refers to a group of minerals known to the world as corundum, a crystalline form of aluminum oxide - the second rock on the hardness only to diamond. Corundum crystallizes in the hexagonal system, which leads to a pyramidal or rounded form. In the same way, like diamonds, corundum was formed billions of years ago, in the depths of the earth, beneath the mantle and the crust, where there is not only high temperatures, but also the pressure. After cooling magma produces igneous rocks and deposits of corundum is just in these places. Later igneous rocks are sedimentary and metamorphic rocks of the corundum. Continuous weathering, erosion of rocks over millions of years, formed of corundum crystals; they are washed away in the mountains and stored in rivers in alluvial deposits.

Corundum pure colorless as the pure diamonds, which is also colorless. However, traces and impurities in the crystal structure of corundum give a wide range of colors - a rainbow of colors (violet, indigo, blue, orange, green, yellow, pink, and red). Other colors include a black, gray and brown. All colors except red corundum - sapphires it. Ruby - ruby gemstone.

Do sapphires have one common color - blue. All other colors of the precious stone, such as green, yellow, purple, orange, pink - fancy sapphires. Sapphire blue color gives a trace of titanium and iron. Green - the traces of nickel, chromium and iron.

History Black Star Sapphire of Queensland.

Месторождение камня в АвстралииGemstone Sapphire Black Star of Queensland was just sheer size, whiter than 1,000 carats. For over 10 years, it was believed that it is useless to use as gemstone jewelry. But things have changed - he became one of the most expensive gemstones in the world.

A huge gem discovered quite by accident, in the 1938th year. A boy aged 12 years, Roy Spencer played in the place where his father was engaged in mining of sapphires on the Anki, often called the sapphire. It is the largest district in the Australian mining sapphires. Immediately find a huge black crystal, boy, do not waste time, rushed home to show found his father, Mr. Harry Spencer. Harry Spencer was one of the first miners in these places. He was not at all impressed, and after thoroughly studied the stone, threw it aside, saying that it is nothing more than a huge black crystal. Perhaps at that time did not know that sapphires can be black. Since then, a huge black crystal was used in the family of Harry Spencer in order to prop up the door. It lasted for about ten years.

The true value of a gemstone.

Ten years later, Mr. Spencer learned that sapphires can be black. And that these stones can cost a fortune, depending on their quality. He carefully studied the black stone, propping up his door almost ten years, and finally realized that the stone may well be a precious sapphire.

After weighing, Mr. Spencer has determined that the stone weighing 1,156 carats, but he did not have enough experience to know whether the stone to become a star sapphire in the capable hands of the jeweler. The poor miner was to protect the stone, which propped his door almost a decade. He washed and wiped it, and put it in a safe place until the potential buyers.

Sales of rough black stone Harry Kazandzhan.

Rumors of a large jewel flew fast, and in 1947, the year of the Armenian jeweler Harry Kazandzhan went to California for the purchase of sapphire. Harry Kazandzhan carefully examined a large black stone, and was very impressed. He also rhinestones began talks with Harry Spencer, regarding the purchase of precious stones. Harry Spencer has agreed to sell it for 18,000 dollars.

Rough black stone, and its transformation into a star sapphire.

Сапфир Черная Звезда КвинслендаWith the money from the sale of precious stones Harry Spencer built a new house for his family. And Harry Kazandzhan studying the stone was convinced that it is hidden asterism, and the stone is cut to an oval cabochon. By donating 423 carat rough stone. Ready black sapphire that weighed 733 carats, showed a brilliant six-pointed star. Cutting star sapphire - work of this expert, and it required considerable expertise, knowledge and skills. The wrong decision or a small mistake could lead to a failed star or the star with missing beams, or to the star with an offset to the side. Thus, the star sapphire gem valued at one million dollars already in the 1949th year.

Star sapphire brings good luck to the family Kazandzhan.

With the acquisition of the black star sapphire in 1947, the year of the family Kazandzhan waiting for success, they have become one of the leading dealers of precious stones in the world. Family attributes the success of the business is the emergence of a black star sapphire. And so, for a very long time, they did not sell the precious stone, even though attractive offers. During that period, until the family had a black star sapphire, she has accumulated a good enough condition to lend a jewel in the Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institute (Washington, DC), in the 1969th year.

Sale black star sapphire Queensland.

The family Kazandzhan kept Black Star Sapphire of Queensland over many years, not only because of its mystical significance as a lucky stone, but also because he had a rare gem and a unique beauty, as the biggest black star sapphire in the world. However, they parted with a jewel after received a very attractive offer. He was a young man who wants to buy a gem for his mother, as he promised her that as a child. The client wished to remain anonymous, and the details of the transaction were not disclosed. No one knows the price or the date of purchase.

In 2002, the year of Black Star Sapphire of Queensland was again sold to an anonymous buyer, to an anonymous buyer. It was the fourth owner of the gemstone sapphire. Sale price also remained undisclosed, but a tentative estimated cost of sapphire at the time was about 100 million U.S. dollars.

Black Star Sapphire of Queensland at the Royal Ontario Museum.

In 2007, the year the new owner of Black Star Sapphire of Queensland, the man who bought it in 2002 to the year, posted a jewel in the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada, the exhibition organized in honor of the construction of an ultra modern building designed by architect Daniel Libeskind. It was the second time a unique gem put on display, after the first time in 1969, the year, the Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institute. Black Star Sapphire of Queensland was exposed surrounded by a group of 35 small white diamonds, and served as the centerpiece of the exhibition. Gemstone also served to explain the nature of sapphires, their distribution in the world, stories about the history of the formation of sapphires in nature, extraction of sapphires and the role of these precious stones in different cultures.

Black Star Sapphire of Queensland re-sale.

Black Star Sapphire of Queensland was again put up for sale, is the current owner of the gem. The initial price for the auction was 88 million U.S. dollars.