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Natural Citrine is named after its unusual yellow and rare varieties of quartz.

Citrine belongs to the quartz and citrine stone called this because of its color. With the Latin «citrina» translated as yellow. Of all the varieties of natural quartz, citrine - the most rare. There are varieties such as quartz, amethyst, prasiolite and Aventurine, but they are more common citrine.

Also, some diamonds and sapphires can be yellow, but the beauty of citrine is that this gem is only yellow, and no other. Solid citrine can change its color, ranging from pale yellow in color and finishing with a deep golden. But it is worth noting that the color of citrine depends for its price - it is more than rich, so it is more expensive.

Most citrine is found in Brazil, in the mine of Rio Grande de Sul, but there is a citrine and Russia, Madagascar and France. Depending on the field of citrine, changing its color. Some people believe that the color of citrine influenced by the level of iron in the quartz minerals.

Because of its unusual color citrine gemstone is becoming more popular among jewelers. For example, Dior recently very often uses citrine to create their jewelry.

Citrine is a traditional stone November. In ancient times, citrine was used for protection against snake venom and evil thoughts. Today, citrine is a stone merchant; it is often associated with success and prosperity.

Jewelry with citrines

Lauren Adriana creator of the ring «Ziggurat» in gold with citrines. Also, the ring is decorated with precious stones such as sapphires and diamonds. Decorate the ring and amethyst, rhodolite, spessartine.
Lauren Adriana

Ring with Citrine GRISOGONO Melody of color, made of yellow gold, embellished with a citrine, white diamonds, spessartites, and orange sapphires.

Jewelry from Dior Ring Diorella in yellow gold with citrine cabochon, diamonds, pink sapphires and lacquer.
Dior Ring Diorella

Jewelry from Dior Ring Miss Dior is made of yellow gold, adorned with diamonds and a large citrine.

Jewelry from Dior in white gold, adorned with diamonds, citrine, yellow sapphire, spessaritom, grenades, tsavorite and emeralds.
Dior Citrine

Ring from Dior Diorette, yellow gold with citrine, diamond, amethyst, garnet, tangerine, tsavorite, pink sapphire and lacquer.
Dior Citrine

Ring Timbrel from Astley Clarke with citrine. Simple, but incredibly beautiful.
Astley Clarke

Rodney Rayner Via Roma Oval Ring with orange sapphire diamond champagne, white brilliant, citrine, in red gold.

Rodney Rayner Citrine

Amazing decoration frog brooch of a walnut, with citrines, from CoutureLab.
Seaman Schepps Citrine

Style of Jolie bracelet with five rows of installed citrine -style tablet.
Citrine Bracelet in the Tablet Style

Style of Jolie earrings with citrine -style tablet.
Citrine in the Tablet Style

Necklace from Kiki McDonough Eden with citrine and diamonds.
Citrine Kiki

Bracelet from Kiki McDonough Eve with bees of citrine and diamonds.
Citrine Kiki

Tiffany & Co is a cocktail ring with citrine.
Tiffany Citrine

Brooch from Lauren Adriana citrine in gold with garnets and sapphires.
Lauren Adriana Garter Brooch

Earrings from Kiki McDonough Pillow with citrines and diamonds, the price of 2600.


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