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Paraiba tourmalines, their fields and well-known jewelry with Paraiba tourmalines

Турмалины ПараибаFor several decades, Paraiba tourmalines have achieved almost perfect quality; some call it the present mysticism. First Paraiba tourmalines discovered in the 1980s, Heitor Dimas Barbosa (Heitor Dimas Barbosa). He spent years in the Brazilian Paraiba mine, relying only on their suspicions, and the belief that there is something really special. And the stones that he found quickly become one of the rarest and most popular stones. However, they do not refer to precious stones, but the values are on the stage right after them. Although the price of Paraiba tourmaline gives the right to call them jewels.

Almost all shades of tourmaline can be found in Brazil, but no one has yet found the tourmaline stones as bright colors like in Paraiba. Paraiba tourmalines are also known as kuprein elbaite. Special trace element creates in stone colors from turquoise to a striking and beautiful blue- green color with bright neon glow illuminating the stone inside. That makes it glow Paraiba tourmaline incomparable with any other precious stones.

If you want to make a monetary contribution in the future, the Paraiba tourmaline is exactly what you need. At 10,000 diamonds of good quality is only one Paraiba tourmaline. At the same time, find Paraiba tourmaline over three carats impossible. Such stones are very much appreciated. Authentic Brazilian Paraiba tourmalines are so rare to find at least five of these stones weighing 1 carat, very difficult.

An amazing event took place for the mine Paraiba in 2003 and it was when the new wave of glowing blue-green tourmalines unexpectedly entered the market. Found gems without using a special technique, the usual manual way, but not in mine Paraiba, and in Nigeria, Mozambique, and Africa. Only small details distinguish these tourmalines from Paraiba tourmaline. For example, large tourmaline weighing five carats in Nigeria are more frequent. But also found a slight difference in chemical composition. This caused a number of disputes about what can be called tourmaline Paraiba tourmalines, and which can not. This dispute is still not resolved among jewelers and collectors of rare and precious stones. Some believe that the tourmalines found in Paraiba mine due to its properties and chemical composition, and no others, may be called Paraiba tourmalines, while others argue that tourmalines found in Nigeria, also belong to the Paraiba tourmalines.

But in any case, that question remains a mystery how the unique gemstone found in two very different parts of the world. If you look at the coastline of South America, and compare it with the coastline of Africa, you can see that it's like two parts of a puzzle, and once upon a time the continents were joined. It is possible that a copper-rich mountain of Brazil were once much closer to the copper- rich mountains of Mozambique in Nigeria. This is only a theory, but as far as theory is interesting, as it is mysterious and that only adds charm Paraiba tourmalines.

Jewelry with Paraiba tourmalines

Nourbel & Le Cavelier white gold ring, adorned with Paraiba tourmaline weighing 19.25 carats and diamonds.

кольцо из белого золота, украшенное турмалином Параиба

Ring in white gold with diamonds and Paraiba tourmaline from Nourbel & Le Cavelier

кольцо украшенное турмалином Параиба

Expensive ring Dear Dior Dentelle Chantilly Multicoloured, starring the magnificent Paraiba tourmaline.

Кольцо от Диор с турмалином Параиба

Watch 19 mm white gold, Victoire de Castellane, a set of Paraiba tourmaline, tsavorite, garnets and diamonds. The approximate price of 25,700 pounds.

Часы с турмалинами Параиба

Van Cleef & Arpels is east lotus ring made of white gold, adorned with round and pear-shaped diamonds, sapphires round, fluted chrysoprase and a tourmaline from Mozambique weighing 24.44 carats oval.

Турмалин Параиба Африка

Van Cleef & Arpels light ring eternity white gold with diamonds, onyx, tourmalines weighing 10.62 carats pear-shaped Brazilian Paraiba.

Турмалин Параиба Африка

Earrings from Carla Amorim Spider in 18-carat white gold with white diamonds and Paraiba tourmalines.

Серьги с турмалинами Параиба и бриллиантами

Ring in 18 carat white gold Magnificat by Carla Amorim, decorated Paraiba tourmaline and white diamonds.

Кольцо с турмалином Параиба

Ring from Harry Winston with Paraiba tourmaline and diamonds. The unique Paraiba tourmaline cabochon.

Кольцо от Гари Винстона с турмалином Параиба

Necklace from Harry Winston, one of a kind necklace with Paraiba tourmaline, decorated with diamonds.

Ожерелье с турмалином Параиба

Ring of Boodles Riviera in platinum, set with an oval Paraiba tourmaline weighing 1.83 carats and diamonds weighing 1.83 carats.

Кольцо с турмалином Параиба

Pendant in platinum from Boodles Riviera, decorated Paraiba tourmaline pear- shaped weight at 1.40 map and diamonds, with a removable turquoise bead tassel.

Кулон с турмалином Параиба

Ring of Theo Fennell in white gold, black diamonds and pearls, Paraiba tourmaline weighing 7.26 carats. The approximate price of 19,500 pounds.

Кольцо с турмалином Параиба

Ring of Theo Fennell Mozambique, white gold, adorned with African Paraiba tourmaline weighing 61.94 carats, diamonds.

Кольцо с турмалином Параиба

Nature Necklace with Paraiba tourmaline from H.Stern.

Ожерелье с турмалином Параиба

Ring with Paraiba tourmalines from H.Stern.

Кольца с турмалином Параиба

The bright eye-catching ring in the shape of a heart with Paraiba tourmaline and diamonds. Ring from Chopard in 2013.

Кольцо с турмалином Параиба