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Black Diamond Amsterdam, black diamonds and characterization. The price of black diamond in the world

Черный алмаз АмстердамBlack Diamond Amsterdam was named after the city of Amsterdam - International House of the diamond industry, where the black diamond was first introduced in 1973 and it was. It happened at a jewelry store «Drucker». It was the only raw black diamond, discovered in South Africa, and bought the company from Amsterdam «Drucker» in the 1972nd year. In the same year, black diamond crafted and polished expert cutters. As a result of rough black diamond turned into a beautiful black diamond pear-shaped 33.74 carat. Owners Black Diamond decided to christen it as «Amsterdam Diamond» in honor of the 700th anniversary of Amsterdam, once an important center of a thriving diamond cutting and trading precious stones, especially during the Dutch East India Company in the 17th century, and after the discovery of diamonds in Brazil in the early 18th century, and in South Africa in the 1867th year.


After the Second World War, Amsterdam has lost its position of the main center -cut diamonds in Europe and in the world. This unfortunate situation has affected the Jews - they were deported tens of thousands. Among those who had to leave Amsterdam, and in 2000 were cutters. They were killed in the Holocaust in Hitler's camps. After World War II, Antwerp in Belgium became the main center of diamond cutting in Europe.
Characteristics black diamonds.

For black diamond type 3Сs relevant indicators such as color, cut, and carat weight.

Amsterdam black diamond weighs 33.74 carats, pear-shaped, imagination and black. A total of 145 black diamonds adorn the sides. Clarity Black Diamond does not matter, because black diamonds are not transparent. Black diamonds do not reflect and refract the light; they can not emit light as other diamonds.

But, despite this, it has the largest black diamond brilliance, which in the case of black diamond Amsterdam simply unique. For example, regular diamond has a pear-shaped faces 57 and 58, the black diamond Amsterdam decorated faces 145 - 2 times larger than the standard. Most likely, the number of faces on the black diamond Amsterdam increased specifically for intentional creation of «invincible shine». This is the second such case in the history of jewelry, was the first Black Diamond Eagles. The list of famous black diamonds diamond Amsterdam takes 7th place.

Installing the gem in Amsterdam pendant with diamonds smaller.

The owner of the black diamond company " Drucker " developed suspension pear shaped, where the black diamond with its unique luster has become a central gem surrounded by fifteen smaller white diamonds, to create a contrast of color. The company exhibited a rare black diamond is a piece of jewelry in your jewelry store in 1973 and it was. Also, a precious stone black diamond pendant has repeatedly been put up for charity exhibitions around the world, increasing thus its international reputation for high-quality black diamond. All of this has led to the fact that black diamond was estimated in 1991, the year in two million dollars.

History of Black Diamond Amsterdam.

If diamonds are considered as a whole, most often in natural diamonds are yellow and brown (98 percent of all diamonds), followed by gray and white (less than two percent), followed by diamonds fancy colors (less than one percent), and all that remains - is black diamonds. You can imagine how rare these gems.

A diamond can be all the colors of the rainbow. Yellow diamond can occur in a very wide range of shades. From barely noticeable to intense yellow canary diamond. But even here there are exceptions, depending on the field. For example, in Western Australia, mines Argyle (Argyle) of gem-quality diamonds mining are distributed as follows: 80 percent brown, 16 percent yellow, 2 percent of whites, 2 gray, and 1 percent of fancy colored diamonds.

Fancy diamonds in nature are very rare, from all the others, they were 0.1 percent. Pink, blue diamonds - rare gems. But the rarest color for diamonds is red, orange, green and purple.

Interestingly, the one million colored diamonds, all colors except pink, there is only one diamond pink - Argyle mine. This is an incredibly low rate. You can imagine how rare diamonds are red and purple colors if they are even more rare pink diamonds. With a black diamond even more interesting - they are not only rare, but also found only in certain places.

Basically, the black diamond is found in two regions of the world - it's Brazil and the Central African Republic. Black diamonds are always found in alluvial deposits, they are not found in kimberlitic tubes or elsewhere. Therefore, black diamonds are never found deep underground, like regular diamonds. Moreover, when someone finds a black diamond, keep this information secret - and the location, and even the country. Even in the history of the diamond deposits still did not know where it was first found black diamond.
Characteristic features of black diamonds.

An interesting feature of black diamonds is that unlike all the ordinary diamond consisting of a bulk crystal, black diamonds consist of units and millions of tiny crystals agglomerated porous nature. Black diamonds are much harder to ordinary colorless or white diamonds; they have no cleavage, and that difficulty in processing precious stones. And besides, Black Diamond can be no place more lenient because of loose particles.

Even skilled diamond cutters can face enormous difficulties in the processing of black diamonds.

For example, a black diamond weighing 300.12 carats Gruosi, and after treatment with a weight dropped to 115.34 carats - lost more than half the weight of the black diamond. Black Orlov diamond weighed 195 carats, and its weight after treatment was 67.50 carats. Spirit of Grisogono black diamond weighed 587 carats after processing black diamond weighing 312.24 carats.

Amsterdam diamond as the largest single-crystal natural black diamond in the world.

In 2001, the Laboratory of the precious stone in Geneva issued a certificate under which black diamond Amsterdam is considered a rare black diamond single crystal, whose color is due to the presence of small grains of graphite.

Огранка черного алмазаInteresting story of the discovery of black diamonds Amsterdam.

Black Diamond Amsterdam found in South Africa in the early 1970s. Black diamond found by accident. First, a black diamond was among gems unsuitable for use in jewelry. But one of the workers noticed that this extremely hard stone and even the stunning black color. Worker reported his discovery boss, and black diamond added to the collection of gems suitable for jewelry. Around the same time the owner of «Drucker» visited South Africa, and saw this unusual black stone. He looked at it and bought it. Black Diamond was taken to Amsterdam, and after a detailed study of the master decided to start faceted gemstone. To reveal the inner beauty of stone he betrayed a pear shape, and significantly increased the number of faces, compared with the standard pear- cut. Brilliance of the stone turned out simply unbeatable.

It is also interesting that among all the black diamonds, diamond Amsterdam lost the least weight, when viewed as a percentage. Prior to treatment, he weighed 55.85 carats, and after the treatment began to weigh 33.74 carats. This loss of only 40 percent of the initial weight, while most black diamonds lose more than half the weight. This is due to the fact that the black diamond single crystal Amsterdam, while the other black diamonds - polycrystalline.
Selling Black Diamond Amsterdam, Geneva, in November of 2001.

Despite the fact that the black diamond Amsterdam presented himself as a special jewel for its owner, he decorated the pendant and visited many world exhibitions, not only jewelry store in Amsterdam. Exhibition of diamonds in many countries contributed to the awareness of people that diamonds are a rainbow of colors as well as black.

In 2001, the year of the black pear shaped diamond Amsterdam was removed from the suspension, and put up for sale jewelry in Geneva on 14 November. Diamond was provided with three certificates attesting to its authenticity and rarity. One certificate number 10565041 was issued Gemological Institute of America, January 18 of 1999. The second certificate, the certificate number 9911078 issued by the Gemological Laboratory «Gubelin», issued December 6, 1999 -year, confirming the previous certificate. The third certificate No. 10237 issued by the Laboratories jewels in Geneva on September 27, 2001 -year, confirming the two previous certificates. Also in the third certificate indicated that the diamond is historic, and one of the very few single-crystal diamond black «natural color».

Why did they need three independent evaluations of black diamond Amsterdam?

The need for three independent estimates black gemstone has been associated with the fact that often white diamonds repainted black, by irradiation or baking at high temperatures. The natural color of black diamonds called, completely different reason - the presence of graphite in the precious stone and iron. When white diamonds irradiated, often turns dark green color, which seems black. Processing white diamond at high temperatures leaves low carbon concentration. Thus, the gemstone to true and recognized to be the inclusion of natural around the stone, not only on its surface, as it may be during the heat treatment.

Price per carat black diamond Amsterdam - the highest price per carat black diamond achieved at auction.

Estimated price, expected at Christie's auction for the black diamond Amsterdam - from 302,000 to 391,000 U.S. dollars. After a tumultuous trading, black diamond sold to an anonymous buyer for 344,837 dollars. Thus, one carat diamond black evaluated in 10 220 U.S. dollars. This is the highest price per carat black diamond at auction. Previous highest price per carat black diamond was 3476 dollars, with the weight of the black diamond 489.07 carats (1.7 million U.S. dollars).