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Black diamond, or Carbonado - the most expensive diamonds in the world.

Черный алмазBlack diamond, or Carbonado - incredibly beautiful gemstone black, moreover, very mysterious. As you know, white and colorless diamonds mined deep underground, while the black diamond or black diamond, and are almost on the ground in the uppermost layers.

The term «chop» coined by the Portuguese, who lives in Brazil in the mid- 18th century. The name was chosen because of the similarity of coal. Black diamond black diamond is so hard, that the need to split a hydraulic press weighing in at twenty tons. This suggests that working with diamond black diamond is almost impossible when it comes to jewelry. At the same time, one can treat gemstone with another of the same gemstone.

The whole secret of the hardness of black diamond has received due to its structure, which is significantly different from that of ordinary diamonds. Plain diamond is made of solid crystal; it is easily broken by its natural lines. But the diamond black diamond consists of millions of small crystals stuck together.

Carbonado first used to polish wood in the Brazilian deciduous forest, and after transported the precious stone (although not applicable in jewelry) in Europe. It is also interesting to know that in 1905, the year of the black diamond used for rock drilling in the Panama Canal.

As mentioned earlier, the ordinary diamonds are formed deep underground, which requires a carbon and high temperature, high pressure. Due to the volcanic eruptions that were a billion years ago, diamonds came to the surface of the planet, where they are now found in various mines. But black diamond black diamond is much older than ordinary diamonds, almost four billion years old, and you can find the black diamond is not everywhere. For example, there are black diamonds in Brazil, in the Central African Republic.

Scientists regularly conduct various studies related to the black diamonds or Carbonado. So researchers from Florida have used infrared synchrotron radiation for research on carbonado new items. The study took place at the National Laboratory Brukheyven. As part of the gemstone discovered hydrogen, indicating the interstellar spaces, which are so rich in hydrogen. This is why scientists have suggested that black diamond is formed in stars, supernova explosions, and large asteroids department. These are the same asteroids and flew a few billion years in the stars, and then later came to Earth.

Черный алмаз ОрловBlack diamond or Carbonado has long been something of a mystery to scientists and jewelers. It is the oldest and rarest diamonds in the world. Geologist at Florida International University in Miami, Dr. Stephen Haggerty, for more than a decade, has been studying the black diamond, or Carbonado. He argues that the definition of the field of black diamond is still a challenge for scientists. Black Diamond is clearly not formed as well as white or transparent, and it is obvious. Carbonado is found only in Brazil and Africa, while most of the other diamonds are spread all over the world. Dr. Haggerty believes that the black diamond came to our planet in the asteroid, at a time when the two continents were still connected. So far, no one has come up with any alternative to this «velvet» idea, nor analogue explaining why the Black Diamond is on the surface of the earth, and not its interior.

However, it will take many years, scientists could adopt this theory, and it is possible to definitively prove it. The asteroid, presumably fallen to Earth millions of years ago, was the star of the supernova and its fragments bombarded not only Earth, but the moon. But while the black diamond, or Carbonado is the most mysterious diamond and precious stone in the world.

At the same time, some black diamonds to jewelers are unable to process and use in jewelry. Below is a list of the most famous black diamonds, precious stones processed by man.

1. Unnamed black diamond weighs 489.07 carats after processing, and its price is 1.7 million U.S. dollars. This is the most expensive black diamond in the world.

2. The spirit of de Grisogono Diamond - Black Diamond of the Central African Republic, which was the initial weight of 587.00 carats, and after treatment with black diamond weighing 312.24 carats was.

3. Black Star of Africa - Black Diamond, is in name only which it is clear where he came from - from Africa, the central part. Weight gem after treatment is 202.00 carats. He was last seen in Tokyo in 1971 year.

4. Black Diamond Table of Islam is also found in Central Africa, the weight of the gemstone after treatment is 160.18 carats.

5. Black Diamond Gruosi found in India, the weight of the gem to handle 300.12 carats and 115.34 carats after processing. Cutting in the form of heart. Gem has remained in its original owner, Fawaz Gruosi.

6. Black Diamond Korloff Noir found in Russia, initially weighed 421.00 carats, but the processing has lost weight to 88.00 carats. Standard round cut diamond of 57 facets. Found a diamond in Russia. Located on the possession of jewelers Korloff in France.

7. Black Orlov diamond found in India or Russia, before cutting weighed 195 carats, after the treatment began to weigh 67.50 carats. In October of 2006, was sold for 360,000 dollars.

8. Black Diamond Amsterdam was found in South Africa, in 1972, the year. Initial weight 55.85 carats and 33.74 carats after processing. Black Diamond Price was 352,000 U.S. dollars at Christie's auction in New York.