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The largest diamond in the world


Золотая свадьба алмазWhat is the biggest diamond in the world? For some reason, everyone thinks that it is the Cullinan I, though its primacy of the largest diamond in the world have long dismissed another gem: Golden Jubilee Diamond.

Golden Jubilee Diamond got its name in honor of the King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej. It was first presented to the King of Thailand gem, formerly called "Unnamed Brown." Gem presented to the King in honor of the 50th anniversary of his coronation, which took place in the 1997th year. As you know, Thailand even today remains one of the few countries where the rules of the constitutional monarchy, while causing the honor and respect.

Characterization of Golden Jubilee Diamond

Golden Jubilee Diamond fantasy, yellow-brown in color, clarity of unknown class. In a unique gem cut, made of diamond cutter Gabi Tolkowsky. What is the weight the biggest diamond in the world? It weighs 545.67 carats. In comparison, Cullinan I weighs 530.20 carats, which shifts it to the second-largest diamond. Apart from the fact that the Golden Jubilee Diamond the biggest diamond in the world, it is also the largest faceted diamond brown.

Золотая свадьба фото алмазаIt is also interesting definition of yellow-brown diamond gold wedding. It appears that the yellow color in the diamond is present in a proportion of 25 to 50 percent, if the yellow was less than 25 percent, would be called diamond yellowish brown, and does not yellow-brown.

It is also interesting that if the intensity of the yellow color in the Golden Jubilee Diamond will increase, the gem risks falling into the category of rare stones type I b, in which the intensity of the yellow color is due to scattered in the crystal separate nitrogen atoms. Nitrogen atoms absorb visible light in the blue spectrum, resulting in an additional and yellow. Brown diamond caused by plastic deformation of the crystal in the formation of deep Earth's crust is happening for millions of years.


The history of Golden Jubilee Diamond

Golden Jubilee Diamond discovered in 1985, the year in the diamond mines of South Africa, in the Transvaal, where found such well-known throughout the world as the Cullinan diamond, Niarchos, Burton, Taylor, and many others. Rough diamond weighed 755 carats and was in seventh place in the world, among the largest ever discovered gem quality diamonds. But in 1990, the Millennium Star diamond found, it weighed 777 carats, Golden Jubilee Diamond moved to 8th place.

Now let's compare diamond gold wedding and diamond Cullinan I, to discover many interesting facts.

Золотая свадьба бриллиант1. Golden Jubilee Diamond. Cullinan I diamond and gGolden Jubilee Diamond, found in the same field, in a diamond mine Transvaal, South Africa.

2. Cullinan diamond was found in 1905., while Golden Jubilee Diamond found 80 years later, in 1985, the year.

3. Cullinan diamond is absolutely colorless diamond, the so-called stone D-color. Golden Jubilee Diamond of his complete opposite - a rare diamond yellow-brown color.

4. The Cullinan I faceted pear-shaped Golden Jubilee Diamond reduced to form a pillow.

5. Cullinan Diamond Transvaal government bought for the ruling British monarch King Edward VII, on the occasion of his 66th birthday, which was held on November 9, 1907-year. Golden Jubilee Diamond bought the people of Thailand, and has presented his king Bhumibol Adulyadej, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his coronation.

6. Already diamond Cullinan I became part of the British Crown, set in a royal scepter of King Edward VII. Golden Jubilee Diamond jewelry became part of the Thai crown, but will not yet installed, although there are plans to install.

Interestingly, the hardware on which Gabi Tolkowsky diamond cutting did Golden Jubilee Diamond in the future was also used to cut the famous diamond Century, the largest faceted diamond heart-shaped D-color, weighing 273.85 carats.

It is also known that Golden Jubilee Diamond was exhibited at the exhibition of Thai Diamond Manufacturers Association, and was the star of this show. He was treated crowds around the gem appeared even turn to watch. Then he was still known as the Nameless brown diamond.

After this exhibition group of dealers in precious stones and jewelers in Thailand, led by Henry Ho, bought diamonds from De Beers, in 1995, the year, and gave a wonderful gem King Bhumibol Adulyadej on the 50-year rule in the 1997th. Golden Jubilee Diamond consecrated himself Pope John Paul II, and after that his hallowed Buddhist Supreme Patriarch and the Supreme Muslim imam in Thailand. After this gem presented to the king.