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Red diamonds - the most expensive gems

Красный бриллиант КазанджанMost experts believe that the most rare in the world of diamonds is red or purple diamonds. I still do not know exactly what the diamonds take priority, and it is possible that both red and purple diamonds are equally rare.


But, nevertheless, red diamonds are valued more than the purple, solely because of the popularity of his color. Very few jewelers have seen natural red diamond.

How rare red diamond?

In Australia, the very popular pink diamonds, because of the world famous Argyle mine. But even here very rarely find it a red diamond, which can be processed in a rare red diamond and jewelry to decorate them.

For more than 10 years of Argyle mine gives the world blue, pink and red diamonds. And the longer operates the mine, the less rare gems in it. Therefore, red diamonds are considered very profitable investment of money.

The price of red diamonds in the world.

Fancy red diamonds, of course, more valuable than white or nearly colorless diamonds. And given the rare red diamond, the price for this gem can only grow with time. Few diamonds obtained the degree «Fancy Red», it means that the jewel of pure red color, without impurities.

However, there are other red diamonds, for example, brown-red, pink, red, purple and red diamonds. Because of the high price of red diamond Kulibins many times tried to reproduce the color of artificially. However, it is impossible to recreate the natural color of the red diamond class «Fancy Red». Yet, if you do not understand the red diamonds and want to buy a red diamond, do not take the gem without a certificate from a trusted laboratory: GIA, IGI, Gubelin.

Famous red diamonds: Diamond Red Hancock (Hancock).

Brilliant Red Hancock (Hancock) has been found in Brazil, gem-cut diamonds. After cut diamond weighing 0.95 carats. Called the jewel in honor of its owner, Warren Hancock. At Christie's auction diamond red Hancock sold in 1987 at a price of 880,000 US dollars. A considerable price for a diamond, as at that time.Красный бриллиант Хэнкок

Famous red diamonds: Diamond Red Rob (the Rob Red).

Red diamond weighing 0.59 carat pear-shaped, known as the Red Rob, in honor of its owner Robert Bogel. This is extremely rare, unique diamond red. Presumably red diamond found in one of the alluvial deposits of Brazil.Красный бриллиант Роб

Famous red diamonds: Brilliant red shield, or Moussaieff red diamond (The Moussaieff Red Diamond).

Red diamond weighs 5.11 carats Moussaieff, triangular-cut gemstone, sometimes called Trilliant. This is the very rare red diamond "fancy colors". Although it may seem quite small in comparison with other well-known diamonds, but it is the largest fancy red diamond in the world.

Red diamond was found Moussaieff Brazilian farmers in the river Abaetezinho in 1990, the year in this region famous as the Alto Paranaíba where many times there is a big fancy diamonds of different colors. Unprocessed red diamond weighing 13.9 carats presumably.

William Goldberg Diamond Corporation purchased the diamond and restrict it, giving a jewel original name Red Shield, due to its shape cut. Now Red diamond shield belongs to a family of jewelers Moussaieff, they bought it in 2001 or 2002 for an unknown price. Surely it is only known that the diamond that weighed less than a carat, and this Red Hancock, last sold for trillion.

Moussaieff is a large and influential family, it also includes Shlomo Moussaieff his daughter married to the president of Iceland, one of a family of well-known author, another famous pianist, has in the family, even the patriarch.Мувссаиеф красный бриллиант (The Moussaieff Red Diamond)

Famous red diamonds: Red diamond DeYoung (De Young Red).

It is the world's third-largest red diamond weighing 5.03 carats. Gem, pure red, with a little shade of brown. These diamonds are far more common than the ruby-red, considered a cleaner. Brown color gives the diamond garnet color, and estimated purchase of such stones as buying property, increasing in price. Now the red diamond DeYoung is in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington.

For the collector or for the investor who wants to buy a red diamond, it is better to take a natural fancy color, purple-red hue, or just pure red. Prices for these gems rarely fall below 100,000 dollars for the weight of not less than 0.2 carats.Красный бриллиант Де Янг